Shopify Digital Product Business

A digital product is an intangible good or piece of media that can be repeatedly purchased and distributed online without the need to re-stock.

Starting a Digital Product Business

Starting a digital product business can be one of the most rewarding ventures but it can also cost a lot of time and money.

With the Shopify Digital Product Business In A Box, we’re giving you years of experience, knowledge, and resources in a box to help you quickly and effectively set up your online brand and own your dream business that prints money.

Digital products are great for passive income because you create the business once and everything is automated. The good thing about these products is you don't need to ship products to customers, they can easily download the digital products they purchase.

Digital Product Business

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✅ Low overhead costs

✅ High profit margins

✅ Potential to automate

Flexible products

Massive opportunity to expand your business

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Why sell digital products?

The many benefits of selling digital goods make this particular business model appealing to entrepreneurs. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to digital goods. The options are limitless.

Low overhead costs

With Digital products, you are not required to keep inventory or pay shipping costs so you can run your business on a small budget and earn tremendously.

High profit margins

There are no ongoing costs for the goods which means that the majority of your sales are kept as profits. Digital products have the highest profit margins among online businesses.

Potential to automate

Orders can be instantly fulfilled, allowing you to take a hands-off approach to fulfillment. This allows you to scale your business to any level without worrying about shipping times.

Flexible products

You can provide free products to expand your email list, charge a monthly fee to gain access to premium digital content, or sell usage rights for your digital creations. There are many ways you can create additional sources of income from your digital products.



Creating a successful e-commerce store requires time doing product research and designing a storefront. We nailed this with our own profitable stores so you can follow our blueprint and avoid the headaches and waste of time. You can start your brand within just a few days.


Instead of spending time and money figuring out what to do and procrastinating, get the Shopify Digital Product Business In A Box. With the right approach, you can scale your store to be a big brand earning you passive income. You will have all the right tools and information at your disposal without overpaying.


What we are offering is not just a store, but the opportunity to work with our team to build a passive income brand. The nature of digital products businesses makes them very attractive to people who don't have much time to run a business. Products are automatically delivered to customers.


Extremely happy with Wooflip's service throughout the process - support was very insightful, more than willing to help and exceeded expectations at every step. Would definitely buy from them again.

Sarah Grant

Process went smooth and I must commend on excellent customer service. I recommend Wooflip because of the awesome website, service and genuine concern to resolve any issues and answer any questions.

Andrew Russel

Working with this Wooflip was incredible. Support was very understanding and went above and beyond the call of duty. This is my first website and they walked me through everything I asked for. I would definitely recommend

Zach Forest

Very helpful I would definitely do business again, supports was communicative throughout the whole process, and simply knows what they are doing. That goes without saying that the work is top notch

Jose Herman

It was a pleasant experience with Wooflip, the website's design was quite nice and I got more information than I have expected for my rather modest investment. Thank you very much!

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Chad Mattews

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner, can I start this Shopify business?

Yes! The Digital Product business model is automated and with its easy user interface, Shopify is very simple to use. Our customer service is also here to help you and usually responds in less than 24 hours.

Will I be able to manage my brand myself?

Yes, you will have complete control of your store to customize it as you please.

Is there after sale support?

We are here to help you on your online journey. Even long after your purchase, you can reach out to us anytime and we will be happy to help with any issue you might have.

Can I sell products all over the world?

Yes! Digital products require no shipping. Products are instantly downloadable by your customers so this makes the business easy to manage with maximum profits.

When will I receive my product?

You will be able to immediately download your digital products and instructions following a purchase. Additionally, a link will be sent to the email address entered at checkout with the store design and all you have to do is select a Shopify Plan then you'll be able to easily add your details and launch your store to start earning from your new business.

Is it a one-time purchase?

Yes, it's a one-time purchase, and you'll get every update going forward for FREE via email.

What if I misplace my purchase?

Your product will always be available to you:

- From the link we sent by email, you'll have the website on your own Shopify account and digital files will be available to download.

- Offline from your computer's folders