Hi, I’m Cheneil, founder of Yaadbrand.

I was born and grown in Jamaica, Montego Bay to be exact. I grew up like the typical Jamaican, climbing trees, going to the river, riding bicycle, playing all games possible and so much more.

As I got older I took an interest in computers and started learning graphic design, making websites and marketing. It was then I saw the huge difference in representation, branding and services Jamaica has compared to other parts of the world. This continuously bothered me so I decided to use what I’ve learned to create products and services that help to build brand Jamaica.

E-commerce is a big problem in Jamaica due to the infrastructure and resources accessible to us. With this in mind I created YaadBrand, a platform that will empower Jamaicans to build a brand sell to the world, with high end technology. This will foster sustainable development and growth.

A long term vision of mine is to form a Charity that will help communities and families across Jamaica not only financially but with a approach of sustainability by helping individual to learn skills that are marketable online so they too can help themselves by offer services or creating product which we’ll help to promote on a global scale.