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what is Wooflip?

Wooflip is a platform designed with one goal in mind, to help everyone we can realize their life’s potential.  Wooflip is made up of a number of subsidiary companies formed in industries where we see we can make an impact based on our talents and resources. This list continues to grow as we learn more and see opportunity to make a difference.

Wooflip Hostel

Wooflip hostel is a place to grow and explore while having fun. This is a environment where curious minds, entrepreneurs, influences and pretty much anyone who want to make a difference in the world can come and be among like minded people who they can learn from, collaborate with and just enjoy the journey of life. It’s the perfect mix of work and play. Go on adventures, work together, learn and grow with each other.

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Wooflip Business

Wooflip business focuses on starting or improving online businesses. In today’s world it’s vital to have a online presence. We have years on experience in web development and designing which is used effectively to bring businesses to life in the online space. Not only do we develop your brand but we provide on going maintenance to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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Wooflip Market

After you have established your business online, it’s all about marketing and reaching your target audience. Wooflip Market strives in this area providing social media marketing, promotions and designs. We provide the option to help you grow your brand or have our talented team do it for you.

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Wooflip Music

We believe music is one of the most impactful mediums. Because of this, it should be used to impact the world in a positive way. Wooflip music is where we help artist from all levels to refine their musically talent and use it to make a positive change with the content they put out.

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Wooflip Trade

Wooflip trade is all about management and being a minimalist. This platform was developed to help persons buy, sell, trade and donate belongings. Do you really need that shoes? Should you sell or donate it to charity so it can benefit someone else. We make it very easy to live a minimalistic life and help others in need.

Wooflip Academy

The core of Wooflip academy is discovering and refining your gifts and talents. We believe everyone has something they were born with to impact the world and make it better. Our aim is to help you discover that gift and refine it then ultimately serving it to the world. This we believe makes your life purposeful. We provide tutorials, learning content and overall resources that will help you on your journey.